Understanding Your Rooftops AI Dashboard

The Grand Welcome: Your Dashboard

As soon as you log in, you're greeted with the warm, digital embrace of your Rooftops AI Dashboard. The home screen shouts, "Welcome!" and if that doesn't get you pumped, I don't know what will. 🎉

AI Creator Studio: The Brain of Rooftops AI

Ah, the crème de la crème. This is where the magic happens, folks.

Rooftops GPT

Think of it as ChatGPT's buff older cousin who specializes in your specific business details. Yeah, it's that cool.

Social Media Ads

Targeted ads? Say less. This AI will turn your campaigns into lead magnets.

Landing Page Builder

Tired of coding? Let the AI build that professional landing page for you.

Cold Call Scripts

Scripted calls that don't sound robotic? Yes, please!

Email Marketing

Tailored emails that make your customers feel special. 💌

Legal Docs Creation

Who needs a lawyer when you have AI to draft your docs? (Just kidding, always consult a lawyer! 😅)

Meeting Strategies

Make your meetings more than just a snooze fest.

Training Manuals

Training your team has never been this easy. Or fun!

Many more creator tools are added each week. To request a specific creator tool, please use our Contact form.

Chat Sessions: Talk Stats to Me

Once you have configured and installed your custom AI chatbot on your website, stats will begin to show you the impact of having AI right on your own digital properties. To configure your chatbot, visit the Chatbot Builder page.

Total Chat Loads

This is how many times your chatbot has loaded. It's like the attendance list for your website pages. Another way to think of this is how many times a page with the chatbot installed has been loaded.

Total Chats Started

The number of meaningful conversations your chatbot has had. It's a social butterfly! This number represents the total amount of chat sessions you have had with more than 0 messages exchanged.

Total Messages

The sum of all hellos, how-can-I-help-yous, and even the awkward goodbyes. This is the total number of messages sent or received by your chatbot across all sessions. These message transcripts can be found on your Chatbot Builder page under the Transcripts tab

Total Call Requests

Your chatbot is not just a chatterbox; it's a lead generation machine! This number represents the total number of times the Request a Call form has been submitted on your chatbot. Completed and active call requests can be found in the Task Manager.

Your Feed

Tasks, follow-ups, call requests—everything you need to keep tabs on is right here. It's like your personal assistant but without the coffee runs.

City Maps

This nifty tool lets you view your city in map, satellite, or even streets view. Explore every nook and cranny, and get insights on roofing, solar data, and more. City Maps powered by Google is a quick way to explore your city in map, satellite, or streets view. Click Explore the Map to see even more information on nearly every household in the united states including roofing information, solar data, and more. More insights will continue to be added to this robust feature. Also included in the City Maps tool is a simple measure tool which helps users quickly measure things like lot sizes, distances, perimeters, and more. Please note, the simple measure tool is not meant to accurately measure things like roof slope - we are working with Google to accurately provide roof measurements and slope.

User Account and Light Mode

Click on your username to manage your account and subscription details. The Light Mode switch is there to protect your eyes or your aesthetic. Your choice!

Time to Hustle!

So there you have it, folks! You’re now a Rooftops AI Dashboard ninja. Now quit reading this blog and go win the day! 🌟

Till next time, stay awesome and keep Rooftopping!

Cheers,The Rooftops AI Team 🚀

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